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Products & Innovations11-03-2022

Battery Mowers, Trimmers & Chainsaws | How they work harder for your business

These days there is a high-quality piece of battery gear available for just about every application. For example, the 535iRXT is a true workhorse that can tackle any task you put in front of it.

If you are still running the cost-benefit analysis on whether battery can work harder for your business, you only need to think back to the last time you got to the job site to realise the jerrycan was dry. Or perhaps those unhappy customers each time you fire up that 20-year-old petrol trimmer at 7 am.

To dive a little deeper and bust some of the myths around battery tools, we spoke with Scott Dooley from Footprint Gardens to see what he thinks of his Battery-powered tools and how they perform for him day-to-day.

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"I'm not limited in any way because of my use of battery tools. There's not a job I can't do with battery tools that is typically done with petrol tools."

Is the battery mower the future of environmentally sustainable gardening?

You hear mention of E.S.G. all the time these days; Environmental, Sustainability and Governance. This is essentially corporate speak for looking after the environment, operating sustainably, and governing your organisation to make sure it adheres to these principles.

The corporate world has a massive E.S.G. push at the moment, and the end customer's demands have fed this. Customers are seeking localisation, sustainability and environmental awareness, in just about everything they buy and consume. This well and truly extends to the contractors they utilise.

You will start to see larger projects in the corporate world, local government contracts and similar that will specify environmental credentials as part of the tendering and contracting process. Beyond that there is also an increase in individual home owners seeking environmental credentials from their contractors.

"Clients are definitely googling environmentally friendly gardeners. I am always asking new referrals how they came across my business and this answer comes up quite often."

It's safe to say Australia still has a way to go in the production of entirely green energy, but when benchmarking a battery mower with a petrol mower, the emission outputs are chalk and cheese. If you're looking to care for and nurture the environment, battery gear wins hands down. Couple this with the sales and marketing benefits it can bring you when quoting for new work, and battery gear will almost win on this point alone.

battery powered mower trimmer

Technology in battery mowers and other battery gear

With efficient D.C. electric motors and advanced lithium-ion technology, it's safe to say battery gear is now at a point where, when set up correctly, it can work smarter, harder and longer for your business.

First up you've got maintenance considerations.

Brushless DC motors are built with minimal moving parts, which reduces maintenance. By balancing rotational force with axial alignment to the drive shafts on the equipment, it ensures minimum thrust under full torque conditions and means less wear and tear and more time on the tools for your crew.

Air-cooled lithium-ion battery technology has rapidly advanced to cope with a wide range of operating temperatures with high open circuit voltages for maximum power and low self-discharge rates to remain unchanged when not in use.

The Husqvarna R&D team continue to develop and refine a full range of continuous use commercial grade battery equipment. The pro products include battery pole saws, chainsaws, trimmers, brushcutters, blowers, hedge trimmers and power cutters with interchangeable batteries, enabling a lower capital cost per motor unit.

It's no secret that there are significant reductions in running costs when comparing the high cost of fuel and engine maintenance. This makes battery an ideal solution with the lower cost of battery recharging helping to reduce your overall operating costs.

Unlike petrol engines that produce maximum power at high speed (and peak noise levels), electric motors operate almost silently and produce strong torque instantly, from start-up right through to the full range of the throttle trigger.

"It is so much more peaceful working with battery gear. The quiet and serenity is such a plus. Not to mention, It is so much more enjoyable for
our clients. They are always commenting how much quieter the work is"

With a simple push of a button and pull of a trigger your battery mower, battery chainsaw or battery trimmer can be put to work instantly whilst significantly reducing operator fatigue due to reduced vibrations and reduced physical weight.

Due to advanced cooling techniques a 36V, 5Ah battery can be charged in as little as 30 minutes on either 240VAC mains supply or via your Ute/ van mounted inverter, ensuring you are never out of power. Gone are the days of carrying and mixing fuel, juggling spark plugs and performing air filter cleans in between jobs.

Scott’s Take

Scott Dooley, Founder of environmentally conscious garden design and maintenance business Footprint Gardens, started the migration from petrol gear over to battery gear in 2014, and now runs exclusively on battery equipment. He says the switch out from petrol to battery happens at a different stage for every outdoor professional, but ultimately most will make the switch, whether for environmental, financial, performance or client service reasons.

"If you need to update your tools, there is no reason to not be picking battery over petrol these days. They are just as capable and the financial outlay is similar to petrol from an upfront perspective."

The more we speak with Scott, the more he unpacks the true value and satisfaction in using his current battery toolkit.

"Husqvarna is one of the companies at the forefront of commercial battery gear... We've really found their gear to really be quality and Husqvarna now makes up about 95% of the gear we use on a daily basis."

When asked about the flexibility of working with battery tools, Scott says.
"Batteries can be easily moved from one piece of equipment to the next; fuel prices have gone up, they are quieter, more powerful and more environmentally friendly. There's just no downside!"

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Making the Switch

Are you looking to keep your customers happy and deliver a consistently high quality finish all while reducing operating costs? This is certainly achievable all while reducing your crew's fatigue and increasing their safety and efficiency. For all these reasons and more it is worth your business considering the switch to battery - it's time to talk to your local dealer and start discovering the many benefits of going battery powered!

Ready to charge up and experience the world-renowned Husqvarna power in its most purest form? Learn all about Husqvarna battery products.